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Dec 17th: K-State uses the zone to handle MU in the B-8 preseason tourney.
A difficult road trip in the snow. Did Tex actually fly the plane?
A complete game program from KSU vs. MU
Steer a year - and Tex
Seniors and team photos from the media guide.
The noise: memories of Jan 13, 1973 in Ahearn. No. 17 K-State defeates No. 5 MU.
Flip through a media guide from the Hartman era
Journey through the season reading some game stories from the Mercury.
Nov. 30: Michael Evans scores 30 in his first game as a frosh.
Dec 21: One point win over Houston - and my very neat notes.
Feb 1: KSU defeats KU in a rebuilding year with Chuckie Williams and Mike Evans leading the way.

This is an unofficial site in appreciation for the enjoyment the men's basketball program has given me over the decades.

Official sites include:

K-State Univ.
KSU Athletic Dept.
KSU Men's BBl

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73 Straight years: The home court winning record

KSU hosts the women's national basketball tournament - in 1974

Books about the program


Ahearn Memories

The unknown great coach: Jack Gardner

Why did he fail? Final thoughts on Jim Wooldridge

And a little bit about football: "We gonna win!"



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