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Feb. 13, 1965: Valentine's day and OSU comes to town

The post final four year.

Nick Pino at 7'1" stands out on the back row. This was his freshman year. Larry Weigel, who has of recent years written much about the history of K-State basketball is on the front row as a soph.


Henry "Hank" Iba: old school of the old school. OSU coach for 36 years, 1934-70.

Ball-control, low scoring, he won two national titles in the 40s. In the 50s and 60s his teams rarely averaged over 60 points a game. In the 64-65 season, for example the games with K-State were 52-49 and down in OK a 69-60 win.

He passed away in 1993.


So, I guess we did offer wrestling at one point. Did win the Big Six title in 1939 and 1940 and had a team as late as 1975 but it was gone by the 80s.

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