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"Big Nick" Pino

At 7'1" I think he was the tallest player ever at K-State. His three years on the varsity (freshmen didn't play back then) were 66, 67, and 68. Averaged 10.6 ppg and 7.6 rebounds for his career. He was not a great free throw shooter at 52%, would have certainly raised his average if he could have mastered that skill.

The caption for this picture from the Dec. 16, 1965 game program is "Right there, little buddy." Pino is pointing to Bob George on an inbounds play against Tulsa. The Tulsa player seems not to be impressed.


"Big Nick" was described as a 'gentle giant'. I met him once. Aggieville used to have a small grocery store on the south side of the street (I think about where Coldstone is now). Working there was my first job ever. I was running the check stand one day when he came in. I am 6'1" so he is "only" a foot taller - but it sure seemed that his belt buckle was at my eye level. A big guy.

This image from the Feb. 5, 1966 game against OU seems to show how Pino rises above everyone, but the camera angle helps.

Nick worked in the insurance business after college. Nick, born in 1944 passed away in 2020.

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