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powercat KSU Links - Every year brings many changes - many not so good, but we who believe in free media keep looking. (And a big thanks to net-friends who've suggested a number of these links.)

Stats and general sites

RPI and other rankings
Listening and watching the games
Tracking the game
Statsheet Ratings, and even tracks the refs. (Up 12/21)
Psyclone's Big 12 Basketball. Ratings, stats and more. (Up 11/29/10; posted 1/20/06)
MidMajority Report "Truth, Justice, and College Basketball." Insane on stats. (Up 11/29/10; posted 11/18/06)
Big 12 Official site for Men's Basketball. Stats and records. (Up 12/6/10; posted 1/20/06)
Sports and numbers Another numbers guy with a KU emphasis, but covers all B12 and the national scene as well. (Up 12/6/10; posted 1/21/06)
NCAA Statistics team and individual; some all-time records. (Up 11/29/10; posted 1/22/05)
Powercat Illustrated Commercial publication (Up 11/29/10; posted 2/28/06)


Message boards
Scout's KSU fan board (Up 12/11/08; posted 1/22/06)
KSUFans.com basketball message board (Up 12/10/08; up 11/14/06)
Sagarin The granddaddy of them all. (Up 11/29/10; posted 11/23/05)
Pomeroy Ratings for KSU (Up 11/19/09; posted 11/23/05)
Pomeroy Ratings for Big 12 (Up 11/19/08); posted 1/20/06)
CBS sports RPI (Up 11/14/06; posted 11/23/05)
College RPI (Up 11/14/06; posted 11/23/05)
Mike Greenfield's Team Rankings for KSU (Up 11/9/07)
ESPN's Coaches poll (Up 11/9/07)


KSU official sites
K-State University
KSU Athletic Department
KSU Men's Basketball
KSU Foundation
KMAN 1350 Prior to the 2010 season, I'd never got their 'listen live' link to do anything but give me a commerical, but it seems to be working now. (Up 12/3/10 posted 11/18/05)
News Radio 1150 Their normal offerings are pretty extreme right-wing, but at least they have free coverage of our team! Sometimes. Sometimes it is just blank. (Up 11/15/09; posted 11/16/08)
KMKF Local station has the games. (Up 11/20//09)
Sports Radio 810 WHB sometimes has web broadcasts of the games. Not sure when or why they decide to cover the game. (Up 11/15/09; posted 1/20/06)
HPNutty I don't know what this is, but it seems to work. (Up 11/20/09)
V100 Topeka In theory they broadcast the games, but all I ever get from their link are commericials. (Up 11/15/09; posted 11/19/08)
ESPN360 Seems to be free, if your ISP covers it. Video, yea, but no stats and second-string announcers. (Up 11/15/09)
KSU's Vet Med department has an archive of broadcasts going back several years. You can get the coach's show here, but generally does not include current live broadcastes. (Up 11/15/09; posted 11/18/05)
The KSU official site has a gametracker, different than the Yahoo one. This used to be a link to a very good gametracker, but this year has taken a big step backward. (Up 11/15//09; posted 12/7/05)
ESPN game report includes rebounds but not all the players. It also updates in a very flaky and inconsistant way. As of 2009 it went paid, but seems in 2010 to be available again. (Up 11/29/10; posted 1/13/07)
Yahoo K-State page. In 2008 this converted to paid where it was had been free. Two links are typically on this page. On the left the icon brings up audio only. On the far right there is another icon (typically). This brings up a Gametracker which includes an audio link. This gametracker does not report rebounds or turnovers. (Up 11/15/09; posted 11/18/05)
CBS Sports promises a gametracker, but I've not had the chance to see how often they supply it for our guys. (Up 11/19//09)
The B12 web site has a gametracker off their schedule page. However, in 2008 this converted to just a link to the KSU site, above. (Up 11/15/09; posted 1/31/07)
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