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Feb. 3, 1969: Jack Hartman brings SIU to Ahearn

Did anyone suspect in 1969 that Jack Hartman would be the at K-State just two years later? I wonder what he thought coming into Manhattan.

As the program explains, below, he'd had some great success at Southern Illinois.

K-State won, 74-56.

I just can't get over the detail, tone and respect of the writing in these old programs.

Click on the image for a readable image.

Cotton Fitzsimmons was only here for two years; I have no idea why he left so quickly other than that he really wanted to coach in the NBA and the opportunity came along.

Winning the Big-8 championship in 69-70, Hartman was Big 8 coach of the year.

Born in 1931, he passed away in 2004.

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