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Basketball in the Hartman era

It was still the glory days of KSU basketball, a tradition that would go on forever, or so we thought. And it would go on for nearly a decade after the 1973-74 season. We were coming off back-to-back Big Eight championships, two years in a row we'd finished ranked in the top twenty. But those two years had only yielded one NCAA tourney win each season - each year one more win would have taken us to the final four.

1973-74 would be the first year Chuckie Williams would play on the varsity. It was the senior year of Lon Kruger. And it was the one and only season of Dean Harris.

Through the media guide, we can also see how much has changed in the world of basketball in 30 years. The media guide was just 72 pages in length and cost $1.25. You see nothing here of ranking of high school players, nothing much of point guards and power forwards. The players are skinner and shorter - our 6'8" center weighed 210. Kruger was 5'11".

Come back in time for a journey to a different era. Flip through the media guide with me. Cheerleader Mari Baird joins Hartman and Kruger on the cover.

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