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  Here are some of the books that discuss our history. I have no idea, actually if there are others out there or how to get these.

The Ahearn Tradition
David Smale
SportMemories Publishing, 1988

152 pages; hardback; slick paper; numerious black and white photos

This is divided into sections for the building, the games, the fans, the coaches, the players, the statistics and closes with a page of some autographs.

You can't not love this book as it brings back so many memories for those of us who went to games in Ahearn. But, it isn't that well done, it's an amateur work. So there is quote after quote after quote from people about how great the atmosphere was, how great the fans were, how great everything was. And that isn't the same thing as telling you what happened.

The best section, for my money, is the one describing some key games played in the building over the years.

It's Time to Play! Jack Gardner, Basketball and Kansas State University
Steven Michael Farney
Leathers Publishing, 2007

140 pages; hardback; slick paper; numerious black and white photos

This tells the story of Jack Garner, the forgotten great coach who really started the tradition of winning basketball at KSU. It goes through his time year by year from 1940-42 and 1947-54, with little summaries of the various key games.

This book is also willing to dish a little dirt about some of the not-so-nice back and forth between KSU and KU about allegations of recruiting shenanigans. Phog Allen doesn't come off too well here. Fun stuff.

This recounts our first final four appearances and the national championship run in 1950-51.

Information you don't generally find elsewhere.

Coach Tex Winter: Triangle Basketball
Ann Parr
NDX Press, 2006

158 pages; soft cover; slick paper; numerious black and white and color photos

Ann Parr is the wife of Jack Parr, standout KSU player.

In some ways this is the most interesting and well-produced of the three, while showing signs of being a 'home' production. She conducted interviews with a number of family members players and coaches who worked with Tex including Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant among others.

She tells the story of Tex's life, and not just his basketball life, going back to his growing up years, time in the military, his relationship with his brother and the various stages of Tex's basketball career. Plenty of pity quotes from Tex of the kind coaches put on locker room walls and quotes and stories about Tex from others. Nothing very critical here, but a fun, informative read.

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