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Jan 17, 1964: Peru Champions

On the cover is Sammy Robinson flying down court on a fast break. Effective image.


We played against a couple of other international teams over the years. Always thought it was nice.

Ricardo Duarte was eventualliy named one of the 50 best all-time in FIBA basketball.


Ron Paradis - famed for outside shooting long before the 3 point era. I think I heard him say that to Tex he was "a project." There are plenty of stories of his big personality and sometimes outrageous behavior.

Coming from Washburn Rural where he was a Scholastic Magazine First Team All-American, he played for K-State 64-66 and scored 572 points for an 8.2 ppg career average. He led the 64-65 team in scoring at 12.3 ppg.

After college he went into broadcasting back in Topeka and had a well-known sports talk show and was famed from his blunt questions.

He passed away in 2010.

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