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March 7, 1964: KSU vs. MU: The game program

They don't offer programs now like they did back then.

For 25 cents you got a 12 page document on slick, thick paper that was custom designed for the specific game you were attending.

Below is the complete program for the KSU vs. Missouri game on March 7th, 1964. KSU came into the game with a 21 game winning streak over MU. Led by All B8 forward Willie Murrell, the Cats won the B8 race and made it to the Final Four of the NCAA tourney by defeating 5th ranked Wichita State - and were never ranked.

The MU game was also senior night for five players. K-State won 88-68.

Please click on the pictures to see a larger, readable version of each page.

Page 1: Cover page

The five seniors. Back row, left to right: Dave Nelson, 7-0 Roger Suttner, Joe Gottfrid, coach Tex Winter.

Front row, left to right: 2-time all Big 8 Willie Murrell and Max Moss.

page 1

Page 2: Front inside cover

Notice that the adverts do not contain a phone number.

page 2

Page 3

Schedule with year's results to date.

Note the non-con opponents: Indiana, UCLA, USC and the 4th ranked Cincinnati squad.

page 3

Page 4

Senior page and roster. Note how many players are from Kansas and the region.


page 4

Page 5

This is the most remarkable page, in a way: an intelligently written report of the upcoming game - no useless stats like those that dominate the typical report now.


page 5

Page 6: Missouri scorecard

This and the KSU scorecard were conveniently arranged as the centerfold of the program.

page 6

page 7

Page 7: KSU scorecard

Note the sportsmanship notice in the upper right. They actually request you do not boo the opposition.

page 8

Page 8

MU stars

page 9

Page 9



page 10

Page 10: 6-8 Senior forward Joe Gottfrid

Joe was a favorite of mine, he was also the lay assistant at my church, 1st Lutheran. I always wanted to have him play more, but he was a reserve who did not see much action.

page 11

Page 11: Back inside cover


page 12

Page 12: Back cover

No address or phone information - none at all.

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