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Of copyrights and legal stuff

I do respect copyright issues. And I expect that KSU, the Mercury, and other organizations legitimately claim copyright for the work they have produced.

In respect for that, I intentionally stay away from modern material, confining myself to things more than 30 years old. I hope that even if formal copyright might still pertain on some of this, that the practical value is essentially zero.

Should anyone holding a copyright think that I have violated their rights, please contact me with a POLITE email indicating the particulars and establishing proof of copyright. I pledge to work promptly to resolve any problems. Polite contacts will receive cooperation; legal threats and rude communication will receive stonewalling, nitpicking and invoking of the bright light of adverse publicity.

I would be interested in obtaining permission to post copyrighted material. I am very interested in working to expand the availability of historical material on KSU men's basketball. Co-opt me, please.

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