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Top 10 Reasons why CU Volleyball is Great Top 10 Reasons why Volleyball is a Great Sport
They win. 10 The ball is big enough that even oldsters like me can still see it.
Parking is free. 9 The teams cooperate in using the floor for warm-ups.
You can get healthy drinks at the concession stand. 8 Parents still come to the game.
They have a great trainer. 7 You can't run the score up on an opponent - 15-0 is it.
All those pastors in section 21. 6 No movie stars gravy-training on free publicity by hogging court-side seats.
Season tickets cost $3 a game. 5 The refs don't control the tempo of the game.
The fans talk to each other. 4 No beefy fans who've taken their shirts off and painted their faces.
The players are excited when a freshman plays for the first time. 3 It's impossible to do well unless your team plays as a team.
The players are excited when a teammate makes a great play. 2 The teams still have sports(person)ship.
The coach has ethics. 1 It hasn't been corrupted by money - yet.

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