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Finding out about Terrorism
As with many other subjects, it is particularly true about analysis of terrorism, that it is difficult to find sources that regard all forms of terror as equally abhorrent - both state sponsored and non-state actors. A few sources are here.
The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. No less an authority than Juan Cole says: The CTC is doing excellent work and should be supported by everyone who cares about the security of our country. (Up 7/2/06)
Topix Their terrorism news page. (Up 12/22/05; posted 8/8/04)
FindLaw Includes news, cases, documents. (Up 12/22/05)
A log of terrorism court cases during the Bush administration.
Anonymous, Imperial Hubris: Why the West is losing the war on Terror, (Brassey's, 2004). The author, a senior analyst in the CIA presents a compelling case that we have not understood Osama properly ("he does not hate us for what we are, he hates us for what we do") and that we are loosing the war on terror, not because we aren't being tough enough, but because we are killing too many innocent people.
The Origins of al Qaeda's Ideology: Implications for US Strategy by Christopher Henzel. Published in Parameters "The US Army's Senior Professional Journal" (Up 9/10/06)
Scott Atran, Mishandling Suicide Terrorism, Washington Quarterly. Analysis of background and motivation of terrorists, exploding many myths. (Up 8/8/04)
Best Practices in Counterinsurgency by Kalev I. Sepp. Published by the Air University wing of the Air War College, USAF. Needless to say, the US is not doing most of these best practices. (Up 9/10/06)

The Achille Lauro hijacking: Selective memory does none of us justice, by Daniel Jacob Quinn, from The Electronic Intifada, 4/18/2003. Article describes the Israeli attack on a civilian area in Tunis that killed 54 people just one week before the Achille Lauro terrorist attack. The Achille Lauro terrorist attack is properly remembered, but everyone has forgotten the dead in Tunis. (Up 8/8/04; posted 5/9/03)

START list A list of incidents from 1970s. (Up 4/23/13)
CDISS list A list of incidents as far back as the 40's from the Center for Defense and International Security Studies. Doesn't have incidents more recent than 1998. (Up 8/8/04; posted 12/11/99)
The Institute for Counter-Terrorism Isralie think tank. Not much on their web site. (Up 9/10/06)
TRC Terrorism Research Center. A tad gung-ho; focusing on technology and counter-terror responses without much understanding of the causes. (Up 12/23/05; posted 12/11/99)
Country Reports 2011 Most recent release (including the corrections). (Up 4/23/13)
Patterns 1998 Patterns of Global Terrorism 1988, U.S. State Dept. This older report is on their archive site. Link included for your ease of access. (Up 8/8/04; posted 12/11/99)
U.S. State Department U.S. Dept. of State counter terrorism office. Has official list of designated terrorist organizations and a number of other documents. (Up 8/8/04; posted 12/11/99)
ADL list of terror attacks on Israel (Up 8/14/06)
Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council List of Hezbollah attacks on Israel. (Up 8/14/06)
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