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Central Asia, South Asia & The Caucasus

... former Soviet republics, the new 'great game' for oil, Islam outside the Middle East, the Taliban coming back, nuclear brinksmanship...

News Sources
Institute for War and Peace Reporting South Asia page from this site. (Up 4/8/08, posted 10/6/01) News from Afghanistan. (Up4/8/08, posted 10/6/01)
Eurasia Net (Up 4/8/08; posted 12/18/01)
Ashley J. Tellis, Pakistan's Record on Terrorism: Conflicted Goals, Compromised Performance, The Washington Quarterly, Spring 2008. (Up 4/8/2008)
Kathy Gannon, Afghanistan Unbound, Foreign Affairs, May / June 2004, p. 35. (Up 11/19/05; posted 8/9/04)
After Two Wars: Reflections on the American Strategic Revolution in Central Asia by Stephen J. Blank, Strategic Studies Institute, U. S. Army War College, July 2005. (Up 11/19/05)
More analysis can be found here.
This Old Brit Comments by Richard. Liberal. For example, was properly suspicious of official explanations for the shooting of the innocent guy in the tube station. (Up 3/9/08; posted 7/30/05)
Sign and Sight "Arts, Essays, Ideas from Germany" by the Federal Cultural Foundation. (Up 3/9/08; posted 5/13/06)
Statewatch "monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union" (Up 3/9/08; posted 4/14/06)
A Fistful of Euros A group blog on the range of European issues. (Up 3/16/08)
UK HoC Research Papers Studies done for MP's of the UK House of Commons. (Up 3/16/08)
Link Collections
Yahoo Asia region (Up 4/24/04, posted 9/28/01)















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