Finding Out about the conflict between Palestine & Israel
This is the origin, the defining issue of most Middle East analysis, for better or worse. I include in this page, sites and discussion about Israel and its neighbors: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza
Israel is not our ally.
The Swing to the Right in U.S. Policy Toward Israel and Palestine, Stephen Zunes, Middle East Policy Journal, Sept 2002 (Up 8/8/06; posted 5/11/03)
Enter Hamas: The Challenges of Political Integration, International Crisis Group, Middle East Report No. 49, 1/18/06. Written just before the election, this gives a welcome background on Hamas and its surprisingly positive conduct in power in municipalities in Palestine. (Up 8/9/06; posted 1/28/06)
Stephen Zunes, Talking Points on Recent Concerns Raised by Bush Administration Officials Regarding Syria, Foreign Policy in Focus, April 14, 2003 (Up 5/29/04; posted 4/20/03)
News Sources
Beirut Live Authors have some journalistic connections with British media. (Up 8/5/06)
Ha'aretzIsrael newspaper, good detail, sometimes more detail on US actions than in US media. Search engine. (Up 7/31/05, posted 2/13/00)
Electronic Lebanon Part of the Electronic Intifada project. (Up 8/5/06)
Jordan Watch Blog by Batir Wardam "a Jordanian seeking to contribute positively to his country and the world." (Up 7/16/06)
Palestinian Information Center (Up 8/9/06; posted 9/15/01)
Daily Star Paper from Lebanon (Up 4/1/06)
The Electronic Intifada "Publishes news, commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from a Palestinian perspective. " Stories, advocacy, reference material. (Up 8/8/06; posted 3/29/03)
Samidoun Lebonese blog/news reports. Interesting maps and detail. (Up 8/30/06)
Syria CommentBlog by Joshua Landis, Prof. of Middle Eastern Studies at University of Oklahoma. (Up 9/12/06; posted 5/29/04)
BloggingBeirut The day to day experiences. (Up 8/9/06)
Imad Moustapha the BlogSyria's Ambassador to the US. (Up 8/9/06)
Jordan Times Describes itself as "An Independent Arab Political Daily published in Amman by the Jordan Press Foundation". (Up 8/8/06, posted 2/13/00)
Israel Insider News and opinion. Right wing, violently so at points and often racist, but has a lot of detail and specifics that are of interest. (Up 8/8/06; posted 2/4/03)
Jewish Voice for Peace Analysis, activism. (Up 8/9/06)
tex Support Sanity The lapel pin says it all: a group that supports the obvious solution and rejects extremism on both side. (Up 8/8/06; posted 7/31/05; posted 7/27/03)
Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel JPPI opposes Israel government actions. (Up 7/31/05; posted 4/18/03)
Rachel Corry Memorial The woman run over by an Israeli army bulldozer while it was demolishing the home of a Palestinian doctor in the Gaza Strip. Site gone? (Up 7/27/03)

























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