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Anthony H. Cordesman, The Developing Iraqi Insurgency: Status at End-2004, Center for Strategic and International Studies, December 2004. I like the section "Denial as a Method of Counter-Insurgency Warfare." Generally sober and moderate, he again and again points out how the Bush administration had no plan for what they are doing. (Posted 1/9/05)
Nationalism, Sectarianism, and the Future of the U.S. Presence in Post-Saddam Iraq, by W. Andrew Terrill, Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College, July 1, 2003. Sadly prescient. (Up 10/1/06)
US Energy Information Agency Country Study, Summary of Iraq petroleum industry and capabilities. With all the focus on oil, one shouldn't forget natural gas. (Up 1/9/05; posted 3/22/03)
Anthony H. Cordesman, The Current Military Situation in Iraq, Center for Strategic and International Studies, November 2003. He regarded the late 2003 situation as being "too close to call" in terms of if it was getting better or worse. (Posted 8/28/04)
Institute for Public Accuracy Their IRAQ page: Autopsy of a Disaster. Timeline of events. (Up 1/9/05; posted 8/6/99)
Baker Institute, Guiding Principles for US Post-Conflict Policy in Iraq, December 2002. Report of an Independent Working Group, assesses various options and issues for US occupation of Iraq. (Up 8/8/05; posted 3/22/03)
Country Study U. S. Government Publication from 1990, so dated, but very good. (Up 10/1/06; posted 3/22/03)
UK Gov case for Iraq having WMD (Sept. 2002)
US CIA case for Iraq having WMD (Oct. 2002)








Baghdad Burning An ordinary Iraqi citizen gives you an amazing look at the bleak situation and the texture of daily life in Baghdad. Especially recommended. (Up 6/7/06; posted 12/10/04)
Electronic Iraq Net News. Reprints articles from many sources. (Up 10/1/06; posted 3/27/03)
Iraq Body Count Attempts to count the civilian deaths due to U.S. Military Action. Has list of names of known victims. (Up 6/7/06; posted 3/22/03)
Today in Iraq Records day by day the individual attacks and killings that mark the unwraveling of the neo-con wet dream. (Up 10/1/06; posted 12/10/04)
Yahoo's Iraq News Mainstream, but that is damming enough to Bush. (Up 8/8/05; posted 3/22/03)
Askari Street Blog by Hala Fattah, historian of Iraq based in Jordan. (Up 1/9/05)
Back to Iraq Blog by Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York Daily News reporter. (Up 12/10/04)
Kevin Sites Blog by the reporter who got the film of the soldier shooting the Iraqi in the mosque. Great photos and slice of life reporting with the troops. Has moved on to other issues, look at his archive. (Up 12/10/04)
(See MidEast sources, for other sites that cover Iraq.)




United Nations Office of the Iraq Programme The official organization to monitor the food-for-peace program. (Up 10/1/06; posted 8/6/99)
UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission The weapons inspectors. (Up 10/1/06; posted 3/22/03)
Iraq Information Network News, but also cultural and general information. (Up 10/1/06; posted 8/6/99)
Iraq Action Coalition Organization opposed to current sanctions policy. Many official reports and statements. (Up 3/22/03; posted 8/6/99)
US State Department Iraq Page Extensive, statements, press releases, reports. (Up 3/22/03)







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Arab Gateway Links (Up 10/1/06; posted 1/9/05)
Yahoo Conventional. (Up 10/1/06; posted 3/22/03)


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