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I've not been much for hot cars - the above beater which I had in Kenya, is about the most sporty, and that had one mechanical problem after the other due to untrained local mechanics (note: if you put the distributor in 180 degrees out of phase, lots of weird things happen).
I've pulled the rail mode out separately due to my interest in it. On the ground we have lots of other ways of moving around - busses for example. (Kenya 1985)
Let's not forget cargo carriers in a variety of trucks (Kenya, 1984)

It's possible to have a sense of adventure about the most lowly private bus service - if you're willing to risk your life to look daring.

(Picture taken at 45mph).

Not all ground modes are powered. The bicycle is also a way of moving around. (RAGRAI 1993, in Iowa)
Not all ground transportation modes are aided by wheels. Let's include walking and hiking as modes of travel. There is a group hiking up Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.

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