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Luke 15:11-32: A Father and Two Lost Sons

This course helps you study the parable of Jesus that is recorded in Luke, chapter 15, verses 11 through 32. This parable, sometimes titled "The Prodigal Son," is one of the best known of the stories told by Jesus. Yet, who would claim that they knew everything there was to know about it?

From this page there are several ways for you to learn about the parable. I hope one of them is just the way you want to learn. I also hope you will go back and forth among the methods as you become curious about a specific point or issue in the story. Feel free to roam and get lost in the story!

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Start with the text... Start with an issue ...

You can learn about the parable and its issues in an overview.
From here you can learn and study the key concepts of the parable.

You can study the parable verse by verse.
From here you can carefully walk through the parable, verse by verse, looking at each aspect in detail.

Reference Center [Link to RS.01]
Background information, issues of the Greek language, and information on people and groups.

Themes and Threads [Link to TH.01]
Certain issues keep reappearing throughout the parable. Learn about them here.

You make the Call [Link to YC.01]
Some questions have prompted debate among those who study the Bible. Learn what those issues are and offer your own opinions.

Test your Knowledge [Link to QQ.01]
Can you pass a quiz on this parable?

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