The Gospel of Luke
Words about Luke:To readers overawed by Caesar's mighty power and tossed about by conflicting winds of doctrine, Luke interprets the resurrection and ascension as the enthronement of Jesus as Lord and Christ of a universal kingdom of peace, wherein life is ordered by the word of his chosen witnesses. -- Prof. Robert H. Smith, Easter Gospels, p. 15
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Unique Material only in Luke. Perspectives
Thematic and general material on the gospel.
Close Reading
Passage by passage analysis. Includes my own work and links to specific articles I recommend.

Textual Issues Places where the text of the gospel is uncertain.

Brief reviews of recommended books.


Material addressing the book as a whole.

Jesus in Luke
Jesus' journey to Jerusalem
Jesus: a teller of parables
The crucifixion is a miscarriage of justice.
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Patterns in the Text
Repeated motifs such as promise and fulfillment and invoking the context of the Roman Empire.
Explanations and non-explanations by Luke.
1:1 - 9:50 The beginning; ministry in Galilee
1:1 - 4 The prolog
1:5 - 2:52 The birth and infancy
3:1 - 4:13 Preparation for the minstry of Jesus
4:14 - 9:50 Ministry in Galilee
Includes a sermon on the annunciation to Mary.

9:51-19:48 On the way to Jerusalem including the Parable of the Unjust Steward and a special online course on the Parable of the Father and Two Lost Sons (The Prodigal Son)

20:1 - 24:53: In Jerusalem


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