Novels in progress

The Dossier

A petition from a distant parish has come to the Vatican sometime in the future. It asks the impossible: that a Muslim be credited for a miracle in healing a Christian child, a miracle that was God's answer to his prayer. It can't be granted for geopolitical reasons, but needs be granted for local political reasons. The claims examiner, a reclusive, junior official wants to do the right thing, whatever he can determine it to be but it soon becomes apparent that many powerful people want to control what he does.

In the world at large are an avalanche of new religious movements all being stoutly resisted by the curia.

Chapters 1-3


For years Americans who cared about justice have been traveling to places their government told them not to so they could find out for themselves what was true and what was not. I went on one of those "Accompaniment" trips to El Salvador in 1991.

But what is it like to be on the receiving end; to be the less powerful, the poor? This novel presumes that our worst nightmares of expanding government power have come true and now, as a small rebel movement tries to restore our democracy, people come to visit us to support us in our struggle.

A group of such people set out from Kansas City on a prohibited trip to see the free villages deep in the Rockies.

Chapters 1-2

Unnecessary Habits

In 1994 a man who recently resigned from the CIA agent pitches up in a Greek island just as a series of small terror attacks break out. He's looking to make contact with people his father worked with during WWII but slowly gets caught up in current events. The CIA doesn't care about Greece but some companies certainly do.

Chapters 1-3

A Cave for Women

A man whose life has drained away goes to Greece to live until his money runs out and then to die. But by living so off the grid he, in a misunderstanding, attracts the attention of the local U.S. embassy who hire him as a courier. An impulsive action on one of his deliveries enmeshes him in the confusion of post-Cold War geopolitics.

Chapters 1-4

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