John Nordin Web Site - What's new?

October 2007
Kenya section expanded

September 2007
Railroad section gets page on Colfax GP30

March 2007
Book section gets a page on Martin Cruz Smith

October 2006
Revising Biblical section.

July 2006
Redid topics page to bring it up to date.
Added diabetes section.

May 2006
Added to the KSU basketball section.
Added to the Christian sexuality section.

March 2006
Redid truth banner and reformatted a number of pages to meet HTML 4.0 conventions.
Updated much of Christianity section to current look and feel.

January 2006
Relaunched Gyroscope as a blog.
Expanded the icon pages.

December 2005
Added material to the KSU basketball page.
Upgraded to Dreamweaver 8.

November 2005
Changed web hosting companies to lunar pages.
Added Support section.

March 2005
Updates to Quality section.

March 2005
Updates to Christianity section.

January 2005
Updates to Truth section.

December 2004
Updates to Christianity section.

December 2003
Added transportation section.
Added KSU Basketball section.
Removed my email address from site.
Added index pages to photos and books.

November 2003
Improved the Christian Spirituality section.
Posted new version of my essay on homosexuality.

August - September 2003
Improved look of Christianity section.
Launched Gyroscope.
Added full listing of my essays.

2001 - 2002
Forgot I had a what's new section.
Added fun section.
Implemented CSS on much of the site.

November - December 2000
Upgraded Bible section.

August 2000
Finally eliminated Bradley section.
Upgraded images.

Early 2000.
Expanded Truth section.

August 1999
Redesign of pages using Dreamweaver.

June & July 1999
Added African section to news.
Added some of my poetry and my newsletter.
Added Bradley page.

Exploration of Dreamweaver 2.0 as a development tool.
Rework of top pages.

Further expansion to the Christianity section.

Redesigned home page with the bird photo and thoughts upon same.
A month ago, I expanded the Christianity section.
Some time ago, the Greek stuff was split off into a new site, The Plaka.

Remembered I had a "what's new" page.
Added page on Women in Greek Politics.
General link repair.
In April, I think, added a page on finding out what is happening in the world, called The Truth.
Some time ago I redesigned my home page.

Greece: Revised the places menu, adding stuff on Athens
Greece: Updated the list of travel sites and the list of Links

Greece: The Reference Desk was motivated by discovering that the entire phone directory for Greece is on the web. Amazing.
Also did some cleanup.

4/4/97 & 4/6/97
The light is different in Greece
Quotes about Greece and about ancient Greece A list of travel sites
The Greek History Page
A list of Greek Novels from June Samaras.
The semi-secret Webtest page (for experimenting - it's not guaranteed to work).

3/30/97 - The what's new page (significant, huh?)
The rotating GIF on the home page (even more significant)
Greek page redesigned, and travel FAQs added.

3/10/97 - Greece: The Patmos photo tour went up.

2/4/97 - Site launched.

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