Books on US foreign policy and world affairs

Sources on World Affairs
Most sources I use are regional in focus, and they are listed on the appropriate regional page. Listed here are primarily sources for analysis and background information (rather than daily headlines). Some sources on the domestic politics page also cover the world. My focus is not on headlines, but on background analysis. Sources in English and with free content only.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Arms control focus. (Up 1/23/11; posted 11/4/06)
The Carter Center The world's best ex-president. (Up 1/23/11; posted 9/9/06)
Foreign Affairs Magazine If no one else has called it the "gray lady," let me be the first. Has really gotten better over the past year. (Up 1/23/11; posted 7/8/00)
American Diplomacy "Foreign Service Reports and Commentary on US Forign Policy" (Up 1/23/11; posted 10/18/06)
BBC Country Profiles - (Up 1/23/11; posted 10/18/06)
Foreign Policy In Focus Open progressive approach. Brief articles. (Up 1/23/11; posted 4/25/00)
FAS Federation of American Scientists. Global security issues with a technological and scientific focus, for example issues of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. (Up 10/18/06; posted 4/25/00)
Foreign Service Journal U.S. State Department house magazine. (Up 9/9/06; posted 6/4/04)
Country Studies The Area Handbook series, a volume on each country. One of the great sources of information on the world, published by our government, and it isn't propaganda. Covers politics, history, economics and offers the ever-popular table of ranks and insignia for the armed forces (this used to be a U.S. Army publication series.) Of course, the series was terminated in 1998. Stupid. Typical. Becoming dated, but valuable. Especially recommended. (Up 9/9/06; posted 7/8/00)
Institute for War and Peace Reporting News headlines. (Up 3/10/06; posted 4/25/00)
Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy We could be reasonable. (Up 1/23/11/05)
In These Times Proudly progressive. (Up 6/4/04; posted 7/8/00)
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