Seeking (aspects of the) truth about various issues
Taking a closer look at issues that are often ignored, forgotten or misunderstood: resources and analysis. For current events go here.
d The U. S. election process It's kind of like shooting fish in a barrel to criticize the long-running farce we call electing the president, but still, I bet you can still be surprised at just how absurd it really is.
z Governing What's it like at the top?
didion Reflections on Politics Books examining the disaster of our politics
Kansas Kansas It's my home state, and I'm tired of people who've never been there telling me (inaccurately) what it is like.
  Censorship Info on what is censored and moves to block it. [Under construction.]
c The nature of the media How the media distorts the news and overlooks important topics.


The Civil Rights Movement

We shouldn't forget what this era was like, the courage it took to challenge the system, and how much has changed. Death squads roamed the countryside; religion was a source of social action, and we had hope for actually solving the problem.

  Money Who has it, and how much you have to have to count.
  Truth: recognizing it
  Truth: words about it
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