Sources on contemporary Policies and Politics
These are sites with a focus on policy issues, reviews of the American political scene and the like. Some are blogs. Some overlap with the world focus covered on my World Affairs page. Also see my media page for a special focus on bashing our corrupt and dishonest mass media. Link collections of news sources are here. My blog: Gyroscope "For those unmoved by spin."
Favorites are listedon the world news page
Sites well worth reading (divided by major emphasis)
News with a point of view More news than comment Satire
Crooks & Liars Video of the wingnuts doing their thing. (Up 6/30/06; posted 11/18/05)
Harvard Working Papers Analysis from JFK school of government. (Up 10/13/07)
Bruce Schneier "Schneier on Security" Focus on security and security technology. (Up 11/18/05)
First Draft "Writing is only real on the first draft." (Up 8/8/.05; posted 1/30/05)
TomPain Political commentary and news reports. A project of the Institute for America's Future. (Up 11/18/05; posted 12/25/03)
Crooked Timber Covers more than politics. (Up 12/22/05; posted 1/30/05)
Bull Moose "More Moose, Less Bull" (Up 3/24/05)
The American Prospect Magazine and website. (Up 12/28/05; posted 12/25/03)
Z Mag Online community that goes with the printed magazine. Hard left. (Up 12/28/05; posted 2/13/00)
IF Magazine. "In the independent tradition of George Seldes's In Fact and I. F. stone." Consortium news, its publisher, has a policy oriented web site. (Up 1/4/06; posted 2/28/00)
Foreign Media Reaction US State Department's summary of foreign media reaction to the US Wonderful. In dry, "just the facts style" they reprint a great deal of blistering criticism of US foreign policy. Has now disappeared! (Up 6/4/04, posted 2/28/00)
Financial Times Right wing, especially on economic matters, but surprisingly open on some other issues. No fan of the Iraq war. (Up 4/18/06; posted 10/8/01)
NPR National Public Radio. Has headlines, but its features and perspectives are its greater value. (Up 12/27/05; posted 6/5/04)
Brookings Institute Classic think tank. (Up 9/2/06)
Conservative but useful
These at least attempt to use data and argue responsibly. What a short list.
Cato Institute Libertarian; small government; market fanatics. (Up 9/2/06)
One interesting dimension of the current crisis is how often humorist have more 'gravitas' than 'serious' commentary: Jon Stewart's smackdown of Crossfire is the perigdmatic incident.

Get Your War On Very funny, and very obsene comics against Bush. (Up 10/18/06)

This Modern World Tom Tomorrow! (Up 7/2/06)
JibJab Home of many satirical videos. (Up 12/27/05)
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