Link collections of news sources and press organizations.
Many newspapers and magazines are online now. True, this isn't always exactly alternative media, but at least you can get some good foreign news, stuff you'd never hear about in a U.S. paper.


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Link lists of think tanks, organizations, etc. Link collections of online newspapers, magazines and other news sources. Digital delivery of newspapers

U Michigan
Huge list of links to NGOs, multinational agencies, etc. (Up 4/9/10; posted 10/27/99)

NGO Cafe
List of links from the Global Development Research Center. (Up 4/9/10; posted 9/17/01)

Online Newspapers Covers the world. (Up 4/9/10; posted 6/22/05)

NewsLink Newspaper list from the American Journalism Review. Covers the world. (Up 4/9/10; posted 4/25/00)

Library of Congress"Chronicling America." Collection of digitized newspapers from 1880 to 1922. (Up 4/9/10)

World Newspapers List of newspapers from around the world. Indicates which are in English. (Up 4/9/10; posted 5/31/05)

Yahoo Of course. Various news sources. (Up 4/9/10; posted 4/25/00)

Newsstand - A smallish, mostly English language selection of papers. (Up 4/9/10)

Newspaper Direct - Many papers. Seems oriented to delivery at commercial outlets. Has some connection to Press Display. (Up 4/9/10)

Press Display - Fee access to many newspapers either daily or longer subscriptions. User interface is horrible, requires propitary reader, doesn't permit you to print or save as pdf. (Up 4/9/10)

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