Sources on Military & Security issues
Some useful sources for analysis and background (rather than daily headlines). These sources have their primary focus on conflict, geopolitics, terrorism, etc.
National Security Archive At Georgetown University. Great online library of intelligence documents. You'll be amazed. Read Henry Kissinger's e-mail. (Up 2/26/22; posted 4/25/00)
Jane's Classic source for military data. (Up 2/26/22, posted 9/9/06)
Center for Nonproliferation Studies Part of the Monterey Institute of International Studies. (Up 2/26/22; posted 1/26/00)
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Does defense related studies, many papers available on their website. Pegs cost of post-9/11 spending on "terrorism" as $513 billion in late 2004. (Up 2/26/22; posted 12/12/04)
Rand Corporation The archetypal think tank. A considerable number of in-depth reports are available online. (Up 2/26/22; posted 4/25/00)
Center for Defense Information In Washington D.C. Publishes Defense Monitor. (Up 9/9/06; posted 1/27/00)
IRSN International Relations and Security Network. Swiss based. Focuses on conflicts. (Up 9/9/06; up 5/1/00)
Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation , US State Department Formerly several different things. Reports on proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, among other things. (Up 3/6/22; posted 10/12/99)
Arms Control Association Publishes Arms Control Today. (Up 3/6/22; posted 1/26/00)
ICG International Crisis Group. (Up 3/6/2022; posted 3/23/00)
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