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Truth? Yes, I know. Sounds pretentious. But I do think that is what is at stake. We have to free ourselves from the media monopoly and get a more accurate view of the world.

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One of the great opportunities created by the Internet is that it allows us in the United States to listen to voices from other places and hear the news without being filtered through the blender of our silly, corporate, conservative, narrow media.

By using the word truth I do not intend to imply that I have the truth and you don't, or that utterly everything you can learn from these links would turn out to be true from God's point of view. What I expressly mean is that I, contrary to all relativism, accept truth as a standard for what we say and do. Some things are true and some are not. It is a category that is not socially constructed though it is socially influenced. Thus, it can be difficult to determine the truth, and reasonable people can disagree about specifics or be misled, but truth is not "whatever I want."

In these pages I have a more focused goal: to give you places where you can learn a portion of the truth about world events, truths that you cannot get from the U.S. media.

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