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News Sources
The BBC Of course. (Up 3/9/08; posted 1/31/06)
The Telegraph From the UK. A conservative newspaper, but the attraction of the weekly print edition is the way it covers the texture of ordinary life - something you miss in purely political analysis. (Up 3/9/08; posted 2/11/04)
The Observer Sunday paper is literate and sophisticated. Connected to the Guardian. (Up 10/7/06)
Spiegel Leading German news magazine. Offers an interesting emailed digest. (Up 3/9/08; posted 5/13/06)
AFP Agence France-Presse. Press agency with many products and feeds. (Up 4/14/06; posted 5/31/05)
France Today Monthly magazine. Website has webcam of Paris. (Up 12/14/09)
European Voice EU news, economic focus. (Up 3/9/08; posted 10/1/06)
The Irish Times Newspaper. (Up 5/21/06)
Europa World Emphasis on development and social issues. (Up 10/1/06; posted 4/14/06)
Internationale Politik German based magazine on international issues. (Up 10/7/06)
Info Germany An official source provided by the German Embassy in the US. (Up 5/13/06; posted 7/30/05)
d d I was first drawn to the UK based ITN in part because I had a crush on Daljit Dhaliwal, who was then the presenter. It wasn't a romantic crush, just a professional one. Why? Because she did not get paid 10 million a year to read out loud in public, like U.S. TV anchorhumans. Regardless, ITN is a good source of foreign news. (Up 6/4/04, posted 7/8/00)
However, disaster found Ms. Dhaliwal. She was named one of People Magazines "50 most beautiful people" and I feared she would soon be on her way to celebrity- hood followed inevitably by a demand for a raise, appearance on the Sunday gasbag shows and soon becoming a sad parody of herself. Sam Doneldson and Cookie Roberts have paved the way. As it turned out she went over to the dark side and now works for CNN. Her unofficial Appreciation Page (Up 10/1/06; posted 2/16/03)
Link Collections
European newspapers online from World Newspapers (Up 4/14/06)
British Newspapers Online Also includes magazines. (Up 10/1/06; posted 1/31/06)
BritBlog List of British Bloggers. (Up 3/9/08; posted 7/30/05)
UK Parliament some video and audio, background papers. (Up 3/16/08)
This Old Brit Comments by Richard. Liberal. For example, was properly suspicious of official explanations for the shooting of the innocent guy in the tube station. (Up 3/9/08; posted 7/30/05)
Statewatch "monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union" (Up 3/9/08; posted 4/14/06)
A Fistful of Euros A group blog on the range of European issues. (Up 3/16/08)
UK HoC Research Papers Studies done for MP's of the UK House of Commons. (Up 3/16/08)























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