News Sources
AllAfrica "AllAfrica aggregates and indexes content from over 300 sources, who are responsible for their own reporting and views." (Up 9/7/08; posted 9/13/99)
BBC News Africa Good source for the daily news. (Up 9/7/08; posted 9/13/99)
Mail & Guardian South African newspaper. (Up 10/13/07; posted 4/3/06)
West Africa News Regional source. (Up 10/13/07; posted 4/3/06)
PanaPress African news agency. (Up 10/13/07; posted 4/14/06)
My experience

Kenya (newly expanded)

Joel D. Barkan, Kenya After Moi, Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2004. Kenya has made the transition from Moi, and it hasn't been as positive has hoped. (Up 9/7/08; posted 5/30/04)
Africa Action Self description: "Africa Action is a national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa" (Up 9/7/08; posted 9/13/99)
bbc focus BBC Focus on Africa Magazine
A print publication of the BBC (and a web site). An informative news & features magazine covering Africa.
(Up 9/7/08; since before 9/13/99)
Link Collections
U. of Penn African Studies Center Their links. (Up 4/3/06)
Africa South of the SaharaStanford U.  Topical and country specific links.  (Up 4/3/06)
Travel Blog Their Africa page, travel journals, photos.  By country. (Up 4/3/06)
Killeen Harker Heights I think this is an offshoot of a High School.  Nice set of links on social issues, history, archeology, etc. (Up 4/3/06)
AfricaBib Database of publications and other datasets. (Up 4/14/06)

Seeking truth...
(or at least a portion of it ) about ...


In the case of Africa, is it no illusion to say that just finding out anything would be a help -- in the United States any story other than a war or a famine is just not covered by our media.

Once again the Internet comes to the rescue.

I lived in Kenya 1984-86, please visit my newly expanded Kenya pages.










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