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Why do we travel? For the beauty of the earth  

All over this site, as well as on my Greek one, I have pictures I think of as beautiful. This one is here because the beauty is unexpected, transient, and not in a location predicted by the guidebook.

To be sure, Arches National Park is a well-known place, but this particular location is not on the 'must see' list of places from that park.

Beauty can be found almost anywhere if you look. Beauty is a sustenance, inspiring, uplifting, it purifies you, removes weight of pain and darkness you carry.

And the Earth's beauty is largely free. Clouds can be seen without a ticket. Small fees get you an entire national park with weeks of beauty to absorb.

The Earth's beauty is always changing with the light, the seasons, the life span of trees and mountains. It has to be savored when you find it, because it may not, will not, be there in exactly the same way tomorrow.

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