Dear Lodging Manager:

Would you benefit from a free website for your hotel?† The first two businesses who respond to this offer will receive a free website, worth over $1,500, for allowing me to develop references in your industry.

Iíve noticed that a great many businesses in your industry do not use the web effectively Ė they either do not have a web site, or their site does not meet the standards Iíve listed below.

I can build you an effective web site that drives revenue to your business for less than you would spend for a run of flyers.† By working with a single consultant who can do everything, you can exploit this most cost-effective way of finding customers.

Iím an experienced web designer and computer professional who has held management positions in the industry.† My photos have sold in art shows.† In order to enter this market I will prepare a web site for the first two businesses that contact me Ė without charge.†

You can see my interest in travel and transportation at

I look forward to helping you grow your business, please contact me at


Can you answer yes to all of these questions?† Most hotel web sites fail these tests.† Yours can stand out from the crowd by doing so.

  • Does the site use your logo, look professional and communicate the style of your business?† Do the images inform and draw people in or are they small, dark and blurry?†
  • Do prospective clients learn enough about your rooms and amenities for them to feel confident booking?† Do they find out about area attractions and get clear directions? Are your rates clearly shown?† Do they learn about seasonal offers?
  • Is your web site current?† Can you get it updated quickly to take advantage of new marketing opportunities?† Does one person take responsibility for photos, site design, site hosting and support?
  • Is your web site easy for people to navigate, free of annoying pop-ups and distractions?† Is it efficient so it downloads quickly for users?
  • And, perhaps most critically, can customers find your web site?† Is it listed where people will look for hotels?† Do those listings describe your business?† Will search engines find your site and display it?