Dr. John P. Nordin
Technical Publications

"Paradox Tables," Seatle Paradox Users Newsletter, 1990.

"Introduction to Computer Graphics," East African Computer News, 1985.

Author or co-author of more than twenty reports to clients of Systems Applications, Inc.

"Variability in Sulfur Emissions: A Summary of Current Knowledge and the Effects of Ambient Standard Attainment Demonstrations of Adopting Some Simple Models of Sulfur Variability" (coauthor C.S. Burton and T.E. Stoeckenius), presented to the AMS workshop on Quantifying and Communicating Uncertainty in Regulatory Air Quality Modeling, 21-23 September, 1982, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

"Influence of Dispersion Model Precision and Accuracy on Calculated Exceedances and Violation Probabilities of Ambient Air Quality Standards" (coauthor with C.S. Burton and B.J. Steigerwald), presented at the 75th meeting of the Air Pollution Control Association, 20 June, 1982, New Orleans, Louisiana.

"A Flexible Simulation Model of Airport Airside Operations," paper presented at Fall 1980 meeting of the Operations Research Society of America.


"Sales force Automation: is there a pot of gold?", panel discussant, Gartner CRM Summit, Sept. 2002.

Internal training for 90 users of Onyx in three departments for Captaris, 2002.

"The future of the Internet," workshop presentation, Western Regional Campus Pastors Meeting, February 1998.

"Introduction to BASIC," taught continuing education class, Bellevue Community Collge, 1989.

"Monitoring performance," workshop presentation, National Prime Computers User's Conference, 1985.


Help pages, for Onyx CRM and ERP integration modules, Captaris, 2001-2002

Impact at AVT, newsletter reporting on MIS integration, Applied Voice Technology, Kirkland, WA, 1989-90.

Written user's manuals and other technical documentation.

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