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 Hello and welcome!

I am a teacher,
 a writer,
 with a theological background
 with technical and engineering training,
 who has an interest in politics and world affairs.

(Things people actually saw, paid for or made to print).





My writing includes my theological work, my fiction and poetry as well as various nonfiction.

I'm interested in contemporary politics, especially how U. S. foreign policy does and does not relate to our real national interests. See my seeking truth section and my newsletter. In particular, Greece is a facination. I have a separate web site about Greece, the Plaka, and write Philhellenic Perspective, my Internet newsletter about Greece.

As a theologian I'm interested in the recovery of the authentic beauty and wisdom that should be found in ritual and the ancient sacred texts. Both ritual and text too often lie smothered under a thick layer of legalism and inept proclamation that has repelled many who have experienced the church to be cruel or mediocre. In fact, the tradition gives us riches that are directly relevant to our life today.  See my Christianity section.

Since 2006 I've been at the University of Minnesota teaching argumentation and taking students on study abroad to Greece.

I use my technical background in my former day job managing software projects. It has been 45 years since I wrote my first computer program -- on an IBM 1130.

I grew up in Manhattan, Kansas. Since college I have lived in several sections of the United States, and in Kenya.

I'm interested in photography, reading, and transportation of all types.

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