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Philip Nordin 1922-2005
My father, who I loved and admired greatly, passed away Aug. 22nd.

In the obituary I wrote:

Philip is remembered by his family as a gentle, kind person who lived simply, always put others first, and thought the best of everyone. A teacher by vocation, he taught by example in the family, instructing his children in integrity, decency, modesty and honor by how he conducted his own life. He dealt with the trials of this world with quiet good humor and was an unfailing support to his wife and children in times of difficulty.

To this I would add that he exemplified all it means to be a scientist; to be committed to the search for the truth and open to truth found by others. He was dedicated to being a professor of Biochemistry at Kansas State.

Dad at graduation, ca. 1947.

Funeral home link with full obituary.

See the page on Mom.


In the Canadian Air Force, ca. 1944.

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Family can get prints, just email me.

Dad in his labratory, 1958 And in 1980
lab 1958
lab 1980

On the farm, with the Andersons, neighbors and relatives.

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Back row; Edwin Anderson, Adolph, Judith Anderson, Myrtle, Emil, Ericka, Arnold Anderson ?(can only see the top of his head), Carl, August Forsman, Bernard Anderson, Jorand Forsman, Laura
Front row: Henry, Philip, Lawrence, Howard.
The Dog: Fanny

Ericka is pregnent with Morris, so that makes this picture likely to be 1930 or 31.

Detail of the above photo.

Dad is in the front with the snazzy off-center buttoned shirt.

Mom, Dad and me, in Manhattan, 1956.
Dad's mom with me in 1960. Dad's father and me in 1957.  
Dad taught at the local one-room school near Buchanan in 1947 ( I think). Anyone know these other people?

Henry (?) and Dad (on the right). And who is the girl?

Check out the socks.

ca 1947.

One of my very favorite pictures of Dad. Taken in Kenya, 1985-86.
Wedding Day, August 23, 1947
"Movie star" photos of Mom and Dad, ca. 1947  
Shot taken for church directory, ca. 1995? or later?

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