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Bob Dorr and the Blue Band
25 years of quality fun. Some photos from a May 17, 2008 gig in Waterloo, Iowa.

For 25 years Bob Dorr and the Blue Band have been putting out a wonderful mixture of R&B, Rock & Roll, Blues and a few other things - a "roots soup" as they put it.

I've known of the band for 15 of those years, and seen them in a mix of venues. Each time the music is great, and the band connects with the always diverse audience. You can dance to them, you can unwind, you can get wound up. What's not to like?

They'd be dismissed by many as a "bar band." But, the best isn't always famous, the talented do not always rise to national fame and fortune. But there is the satisfaction of doing quality work, living out your vocation with friends and giving happiness to the world. Or so we hope.


Bob Dorr

DJ (on KUNI, Iowa Public Radio), singer, band leader - and founding member.

Great voice for blues - and (see below) master of the Zydeco tie.

Jeff Petersen

"Regionally famous guitarist" as he once mockingly referred to himself.

Founding member of the band. Plays a 1968 Gibson Flying V.

I'm proud to say he gave me some guitar lessons - or tried to.

horn Now, that, my friends, is a horn section.

Jeff and his wife Sheryl.

Sheryl is at most gigs and runs the merchandise table. Get your CD's here.

Great people.

Sheryl and the sign
No one is quite sure what this was about ...

The world famous Zydeco tie.

The zydeco tie - it's not for beginners.

If you think you have the stuffing to try this - you can buy one at their gigs.


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