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A Normal Life

A house, a car
the loving spouse
the kids, problems and pride.

Golf and soccer
and clothes for each
no rust on the car
designer bags to carry designer objects,
furniture coordinated with the wallpaper.

Dressing for a party
knowing who drives and who cooks
appliances to solve esoteric needs,
saying “fantastic” about a new store.

No purpose for life
that cannot be accomplished in a life,
blessed innocent blindness to struggle
no politics but self projected on the world
no justice but a bank account.

Fitting in
no explanations to give.

I hate it,
uneasy with the fate of all humanity,
nose pressed against the glass
to watch unclouded laughter
and the analysis of restaurants.

I hate it
but in lonely, bankrupt, weariness
it attracts.

© 1999 John P. Nordin. Do not copy without permission except to quote a portion in a review.

Last modified 7/12/99