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Archive of the regime "They've found the paper, but not the bodies..."
A collection of my poems is available from Amazon.
Blood "... a knife I never saw ... "
Breathing heavy "... a bitter journey of a thousand postures ..."
Cape Driven "Owned grass bends in the oxides of civilization "
A directive has been issued "... the provinces are not responding as directed ..."
Divorce No. 2 Was published in 96 Inc.
Economy parking "My thumb finds adventure behind your ear..."
Financial crisis "Words elliptical slide from the pallet"
Food court "The boy wears the uniform of alternativeness ..."
He did, she said "waiting, I caused; wordlessly, I frankly hinted ..."
Library "the stroke of modern pen ripples into the stacks"
Killing time at the Hotel Panorama Written in Greece.
Milwaukee hotel window "Trills and cheeps crack the asphalt ..."
A normal life "Golf and soccer and clothes for each ..."
The other side of the glass "Hope is all I have, when I have it. .."
The promotion Thoughts while waiting for the movie to begin.
The Psychologist's Waiting Room "Not yet exposed beyond the door, past posing as accomplished and smooth..."
I want to join the resistance "...but it may not exist..."
Three days to you "Your voice in the morning; your still presence..."
The woman upstairs

Poetry about Greece is here.

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