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A directive has been issued

The Ministry
has issued a directive.
It is an official announcement
and is said to carry approval
at the highest levels.

It affects a matter of grave concern to the capital,
the provinces are not responding as directed
and need guidance.

All the papers will run a story
and quote the official spokesperson.
He will help the journalists
decide what lines to emphasize.

Columnists will explain that this is serious
and that the provinces are really to blame
there was no choice
they brought this on themselves.

Those who comment will nod confidently,
they had predicted this, they’d seen it coming.

The policy establishes how one may talk
about the issue.
To disagree you must show that you agree.
You can debate within the memo,
they are generous that way

In the darkness, in the provinces,
on the streets old, rain slick
in two’s and three’s they, the ordinary,
will drift quietly down an ally
they will talk softly at the edge of the light
and find out what they really think.


© 2001 John P. Nordin. Do not copy.

Last modified 6/27/06; © 2006 John P. Nordin