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A new concept in hymnals.
Combining an innovative, loose-leaf format with high quality worship resources, Lutheran Harmony will add depth to your worship without causing the conflict typically encountered when changing worship.
What's the point? We expect resources to be targeted to a specific audience, and while there is validity in that, and good resources are made available in that way, the effect is to teach the division of the church into groups. Lutheran Harmony has a different agenda. Where is this hymnal coming from? What is the point? More information about the rationale for the book
What's in it?

In its initial release, Lutheran Harmony consists of a sturdy three-ring binder and a packet of 40 hymns. Future releases will include liturgical material and additional hymns.

40 hymns? Is that enough? Look at the list of hymns in the first packet. You can see that there is no dead weight here - you can use all of these in your parish. In fact, now you can listen to a few of them by downloading their MIDI files.

The format

Loose-leaf? What does this look like? The format allows you to add your own material, and for future releases. Will a loose leaf book work? See more information about the binder, pages, and layout

Using it Now here is a topic to get you all excited - the indexes! But, if you want to use the book, you have to find things, and so the quality of the indexes are important. Lutheran Harmony has indexes for topic, Bible passages, season of the year, part of service, as well as by tune, authors, and title. See more information about what makes the topical or Biblical indexes useful.
Does anyone like it?

"Lutheran Harmony provides hymns that are singable, a format which is flexible and texts which maintain theological integrity for Lutheran worship." -- Bishop Steven Ullestad, Northeastern Iowa Synod

See what other nice things people are saying about Lutheran Harmony.

Curious? Download a flyer in Acrobat format (that has less info than this web site, but does include an order form), or order a copy by submitting this form or send email.

Copies of Lutheran Harmony are $5.50 plus $3.00 shipping & handling. For multiple copy orders, include an extra $0.50 shipping and handling on each additional copy.

Discounts from the above prices are available on congregational orders. Contact me for details.

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