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"Sex is dirty and nasty, and you should save it for the one you love." That pretty much sums up the "orthodox" view of sexuality in the Christian church.

I'd prefer to say that "sex is powerful and divine, so you are better off exploring it with someone you love."


It is commonly thought that Christianity is inherently anti-sex. It is thought that Christianity believes either that sex is a regrettable necessity to create children, or believes that women's sexuality represents some sort of untamed passion to snare innocent men. Related to this, is a more general dismissal of the body as evil and full of temptations to sin.

I know it is true that much of the Church has had these attitudes, but I believe they are a perversion of the faith. A key aspect of reviving Christianity is proclaiming a different message.

There actually is rather little in the Bible about sex and marriage compared to what it says about confessing your own sins. The Bible has much less on sex than it has attacks on those who use economic power to lord it over others. There is very little if anything, that directly supports the full-blown theories about woman's evil, seductive, nature, though there are some things people use to support their views.

What the Bible does seem to be concerned about is how we treat our neighbor. In particular, it seems the Bible notices that sex is a powerful motivation to misuse and mistreat our neighbor. Thus Jesus' insight that thinking about adultery corrupts how we view others as surely as doing the act does.

So sex is powerful, and as Christians we should learn how to use that power to bring us closer to God.

Clearing away the negative

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Towards a Christian sexuality

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