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As a central symbol of the religion, it has been re-depicted in an amazing diversity of imagery.


Both the cross on the main Christianity page and this one are from Ethiopia. The cross on this page is a wood carving. It has a different, non-crucifixion, carving on the reverse.

The cross on the main Christianity page is metal.

I purchased both while on a trip to Ethiopia in 1985. I doubt I paid more than a few dollars for each.

The Ethiopian Christian church is very ancient - they didn't get Christianity from European missionaries, they had it from long ago.



You may also observe some interesting crosses at the page on St. Andrew's Abbey and their stations of the cross.

Use of rusted metal and stark wood creates a very compelling image.


This is a different sort of cross. In the village of Ellacuria in El Salvador, they commemorate their dead by putting them on the cross. At the top is Archbishop Oscar Romero. Across the middle are the six Jesuit priests murdered along with the two housekeepers.

On the bottom are grim pictures of children killed by a helicopter gunship attack in 1990.

The application is unexpected, but the theology is utterly orthodox. Jesus took our sin and suffering to himself while on the cross.


hug cross

This is a stained glass window in a Catholic church in Victoria, Kansas.

While the literal image is a bit jarring, it's meaning seems to be that in embracing Christ on the Cross, Christ will embrace us.

I've not seen this image of a cross in any other situation.

However, this may refer to a vision of St. Bernard that Christ came down from the cross to embrace him.


hug 2

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