The Bible: Themes & issues

A few topics

What is in the New Testament? The most basic of overviews.

Who is Jesus? The great question...

Commentaries! I love these things ...

What Bible translation should I use?

Great Chapters of the New Testament Some famous chapters.

A Biblical Justification for Homosexuality The question of homosexuality is first a question about interpretation of the Bible.

Interesting links various on NT perspectives & themes

The Synoptic Problem
A Synoptic Gospels Primer by Mahlon H. Smith, Rutgers U. Survey of theories; some example parallels. (Up 11/1/06; posted 4/6/03)

The Synoptic Problem Home Page Various hypothesis. Links. (Up 11/10/06; posted 4/6/03)

The Present State of the Synoptic Problem by Willian R. Farmer. Significant essay. (Up 11/10/06; posted 4/6/03)

New Testament Gateway "The Synoptic Problem and Q" (Up 11/10/06)

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