Great Chapters of the New Testament
Matthew 5: The Sermon on the Mount. This chapter shows Jesus the teacher giving advise about life, and explaining the high demands of following Christ.

Matthew 18: Teaching on the greatest in the kingdom, on forgiveness, and a parable.

Mark 1: Announcing the kingdom, calling and healing

Mark 14
: Anointed, Lord's Supper, Gethsemane, arrest and trial

Luke 1: Annunciation, birth of John the Baptist, Mary's song

Luke 2: The Birth of Jesus. The beloved story of Mary and Joseph, the humble birth of Jesus in a manger and the Shepherds in the fields.

Luke 16: Parables of shrewd Manger, and the Rich man and Lazarus

Luke 24: Resurrection, two on the road to Emmaus

John 6: Bread come down from heaven

Acts 2: The Arrival of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descends on the disciples and the church begins.

Acts 9: Paul on road to Damascus

Acts 17: In Thessalonica and Athens

Romans 3

Romans 5: This chapter summarizes the good news for Christians by describing how Jesus changed our relationship with God.

Romans 8

Philippines 2: Gentle humility. This chapter contains warm and encouraging words and a beautiful hymn or poem to Christ.

Revelation 21: A New Heaven and a New Earth The Bible does not end with total destruction. It doesn't end with everyone going off to heaven. Instead, it ends as it began: with God's creation of a good world.
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