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Paul wrote a number of letters. Usually they were to churches he had visited and founded. This letter is a bit different because Paul has hadn’t yet been to Rome and he didn’t establish this church. Paul writes an extended letter that serves as a way of introducing who he is and what he believes to the church at Rome. The result is a letter that presents a summary of the full range of Christian theology.

The letter was probably written sometime between 55 and 60 AD, approximately 20 to 25 years after Jesus died on the cross.

At the time that Paul wrote Rome was not the center of the Christian church, there was no universally recognized pope or any of the buildings we now think of as being the Vatican. There was a group of Christians in Rome, but they were not a powerful group, they may have even been an underground organization, literally and figuratively. It wouldn’t be until the year 330 that an Emperor became a Christian.

Romans 5: Our new Relionship with God
(one of the
Great Chapters of the New Testament

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