Close Reading: Mark 1:1-8:26, passage by passage
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1:1 - 8:22(26) The Powerful, Secret Messiah
  1:1-20 Introduction
  1:1-13 Prologue
Without any preliminaries, Jesus comes charging into the story.
  1:14-15 Jesus announces his message: The Kingdom of God
God's rule is here.

Calling disciples

  1:21-34 A day in the ministry
  1:35-45 Jesus' popularity
  2:1-3:35 Jesus' healing brings popularity and controversy
    a Lecture Notes for 2:1 - 3:6 (PDF, 8k)
    a The ministry in microcosm: healing on the sabbath 3:1-6 (pdf)
  4:1-34 Jesus teaches
  5:1-6:29 Ministry in and around Galilee
  5:1-20 Authority over the legions of demons
    g G. Herrick, Demonism in Jewish/Hellenistic Literature and Its Relation to Mark 5 (Up 10/10/06; posted 5/8/02)
  6:30 - 7:37 Feeding the 5,000 (cycle of stories).
    b Overview of the two cycles of feeding stories 6:31-8:26 (PDF 24kb)
  6:30-34 Jesus attempts to withdraw
    b Lecture notes for 6:30-34 (PDF, 10kb)
  6:35-44 Feeding the 5,000
  7:31-37 Healing of a man who was deaf and couldn't speak.
    b Lecture notes for 7:31-37 (PDF, 7kb)
  8:1-26 Feeding the 4,000 (cycle of stories).
    b Outline, Mark 8 - 10 (PDF, 5kb)
  8:22-6 The two-stage healing of a blind man
      Many suggest that this story is a hinge between the first and second parts of the gospel, and that the two-stage aspect of the healing refers to the disciples' inability to 'see' what is going on.
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