Close Reading: Luke 1:1 - 9:50, passage by passage
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1:1-4 Prologue
1:5-4:13 Preparation for ministry
  1:5-2:52 Birth and childhood of Jesus and John the Baptist
    a the Infancy Narrative
  1:5-25 The Announcement of John's Birth
  1:26-38 The Announcement of Jesus' Birth
    a David Landry, Narrative Logic in the Annunciation to Mary (Luke 1:26-38)
  1:39-45 Mary visits Elizabeth
    a Sermon 1:39-55
  1:46-56 Mary's Song: the Magnificat
  1:57-80 The Birth of John the Baptist
  2:1-52 The Birth of Jesus
    a Luke 2: The Birth of Jesus
  3:1-4:13 From John to Jesus
    x Overview of 3:1-4:13
4:14-9:50 Jesus' ministry in Galilee
  7:36-50 Jesus and a woman at dinner with Simon
    x Transformed relationships at Simon's dinner-party
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