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Bible Links
General biblical studies
Bible Studies on the Web (Up 6/23/09, posted 10/17/00)
New Testament Gateway Both book by book and topical resources. (Up 6/23/09, posted 10/20/00)
Religion On-line Resources about the Bible, methods of interpretation and many other related topics.(Up 6/23/09; posted 4/21/03)
Electronic NT Resources Collection of Felix Just. (Up3/21/10; posted 2/24/09)
Scripture Index Jenee Woodard's passage by passage resources, including lectionary based resources. (Up 3/21/10, posted 12/6/00)
The Old Testament Site of Prof. Ralph W. Klein, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. (Up 3/21/10; posted 4/20/02)
Vanderbilt University Library databases and bibliographies. (Up 3/6/06; posted 12/26/00)

Online texts
Christian Classics Ethereal Library Despite the pseudo-Masonic look to this site it contains a wonderful set of texts of the "Church Fathers" - which often include their analysis of Biblical texts. (Up 3/21/10; posted 12/5/00)
Early Christian Writings Lists writings from the first two centuries. (Up 3/21/10)
Gospels Net "Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels." Offers translations of "all" gospels from the first two centuries. (Up 3/21/10; posted 4/21/03)
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Leases CDROM collection of Greek texts. And now ordinary people can subscribe as well. (Up 3/21/10; posted 10/20/00)
World Scripture Comparative studies organized by theme. (Up 3/21/10; posted 4/15/05)

Upper Midwest Region of AAR/SBL/ASOR The section I relate to. (Up 3/21/10; posted 5/6/03)
American Academy of Religion National organization with academic focus. (Up 3/2/06, posted 4/30/00)
American Bible Society Mission is to translate the Bible into all languages. Has been exploring video as a "language." (Up 3/2/06, posted 4/30/00)
Society of Biblical Literature (Up 1/11/05, posted 4/30/00)
United Bible Societies (Up 3/2/06; posted 4/30/00)

Online journals
Biblica On the Bible studies on the Web site. (Up 6/23/09; posted 10/28/00)
Biblical Archaeology Society Has three journals, Bible Review, Biblical Archaeology Review, and Archaeology Odyssey. (Up 6/23/09; posted 12/27/00)
Interpretation Fine magazine. Index online, no content yet, but you can e-mail the article authors. (Up 6/23/09; posted 4/30/00)
Journal of Biblical Studies "electronic journal dedicated to the field of Biblical Studies in general" (Up 3/6/06; posted 2/16/02)
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures Odd presentation but can search the site. (Up 3/6/06; posted 10/30/00)
Kerux: The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary (Reformed/Calvinistic tradition) (Up 6/23/09; posted 12/25/00)
The Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament "dedicated to the electronic publication of articles that either make use of rhetorical critical methods not typically applied to the texts of early Christianity" (Up 4/16/05; posted 11/6/00)
Near Eastern Archeology Publication of the American Schools of Oriental Research (Up 4/15/05, posted 4/30/00)
Review of Biblical Literature Reviews new books; from SBL. (Up 4/15/05, linked 4/30/00)

Collections of journals
American Theological Library Association Serials Collection Project Electronic versions of various magazines. (Up 4/15/05; posted 10/17/00)

Context of the Bible Links pertaining to the social and historical context of the Bible.


Online catalogs
GTU Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, one of the largest theological libraries in the U.S. (Up 6/23/09; posted 4/15/05)
Seattle University Lemieux Library (Up 4/15/05; posted 1/11/05)
Seattle Pacific University Library (Up 3/6/06; posted 4/15/05)
Orbis Cascade Alliance Collection of Northwest library catalogs. (Up 4/16/05)
Andover Harvard Theological Library (Up 4/15/05)
Minnesota Theological Library Association Several seminaries and schools. (Up 4/16/05)

Link collections (also see link pages in General Bible sites, above)

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies "Focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world" is this site of Torrey Seland of Volda College (Norway) (Up 4/15/05, posted 11/6/00)
Academic Info for Biblical Studies Small number of resources listed. (Up 12/9/06, posted 10/28/00)
Internet Resources for the Study and Teaching of Theology Resources gathered by Dr Michael Fraser of Oxford. (Up 3/6/06)
Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity Focus is on history, archaeology, language; includes software. Compiled by Jay C. Treat. (Up 3/6/06; posted 10/31/00)
Virtual Religion Index from Rutgers University (Up 1/11/05; posted 10/31/00)
The Elba Form's list includes Archaeology and Science. (Up 4/16/05)
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