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Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics
This typology is taken from Carolyn Osiek ("The Feminist and the Bible" Hermeneutical Alternatives," 1985.) She is not responsible for how I've condensed it or interpreted it.
She describes five approaches:

1. "Rejectionist." The Bible is not authoritative. The entire tradition is sexist and corrupt. The whole enterprise is misogynist and perpetuates violence against women.

  2. "Revisionist." The text is patriarchal, but that is an accident of how it was transmitted, not part of its essential nature.
  3. "Sublimationist." There are feminine symbols in the Bible that can be drawn out and developed.
  4. "Liberationist." The proper stance to the Bible is to use it to promote liberation. All interpretations are "interested," and non liberationist interpretations have to be rejected.
  5. "Loyalist." The Bible is the ultimate authority. Since it comes from God it cannot really be oppressive.

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