The Gospel of John
Words about John: The last of the four Gospels appears among the rest in a manner reminiscent of Melchizedek to Abraham: 'without father, without mother, without genealogy' (Heb. 7:3). Everything we want to know about this book is uncertain, and evertying about that this is apparently knowable is [a] matter of dispute. -- George Beasley-Murray, John (WBC), p.xxxii
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Unique Material only in Luke. Perspectives
Thematic and general material on the gospel.
Close Reading
Passage by passage analysis. Includes my own work and links to specific articles I recommend.

Textual Issues Places where the text of the gospel is uncertain.

Brief reviews of recommended books.


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1:1-18 The Prologue

1:19 - 12:50 The Book of Signs

13:1 - 20:31 The Book of Glory

21:1-25 The Epilogue

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