Commentaries on Galatians

Hans Dieter Betz
Fortress Press, 1979, 350 pages

This series takes no prisioners when it comes to use of the ancient languages. The footnotes have a promanent display on each page. As for this volumn, many have put their hand to describing the outline of a Bible book, its a standard thing to do. Usually, it strikes me as a guess based on nothing more than anyone could decide by looking at the text. Betz has understood and used ancient rhetorical theory to justify his outline and reading of Galatians. The result is that one is convinced that we are reading this as the ancients would and that we can follow the chain of Paul's arguments.

However, the world has not been very kind to Mr. Betz. His choice of rhetorical conventions has been disputed by Kennedy and others were not not fully convinced by his analysis.

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