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Kansas [ Kansas flag ]
Perhaps an unjust stereotype of a state is not on a par with, say, killing thousands of children a month as an injustice. Yet, truth is truth. Most of what you think you know about Kansas is wrong. It isn't perfectly flat, it does rain there, and the Wizard of Oz is not a true story. More to the point, it has an amazing history, in both good and bad senses of the word.

"Dear old Kansas"
1800's Kansas has a fascinating history of Populist agitation, more newspapers than any other state in the Union, and a cast of colorful characters who we have reduced to caricature.

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On the Kansas State University campus most of the buildings are made from the local limestone. My Father had his lab in this building. [more]

Kansas City Union RR station - before it fell into disrepare and was revitalized.

My Hometown, Manhattan, Kansas.
Yes, that's its name. A pleasent, friendly town of limestone houses, gentle hills, and sky, wind and clouds. [a little more]



A post rock - click for more info. Kansas Territoral Centennial stamp. Click for larger image.

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